‘I Just Want It to Go Away!’: Terrified Hotel Guests Claim Ghosts Are Tickling Their Feet and Tormenting Them

Something is creepily tickling — and tormenting — guests at a New Jersey hotel, according to residents and owners. And after years of complaints, a team of self-described ghost hunters are claiming they’ve found paranormal evidence inside the establishment.

For years, people have speculated that ghosts might be haunting the historic Hotel Somerset in Somerville, N.J., with stories ranging from mysterious foot and neck tickling in the middle of the night to guests’ shoes being cryptically rearranged.

Curtis Jones, 67, a Vietnam veteran who has lived at Hotel Somerset, the nation’s oldest continuously run hotel, for seven years, claims he’s experienced all three phenomena.

He’s hoping that it will all soon come to an end.

“I just want it to go away!,” Jones, who says he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, told USA Today.

He’s not the only one who suspects something paranormal might be at play. Tom McCormick, who runs the hotel, called in the Paranormal Diagnostics Group, a group of ghost hunters, to investigate.

McCormick said two additional residents complained about foot tickling years ago in a different room — one in which a resident once died. And he claims that his family, including a young son and his wife, Shannon, have all experienced ghosts on the property, according to USA Today.

“I was getting soda down in the basement, when I heard a woman or a girl whisper to me, ‘Help me,'” Shannon said of a purported experience last year.

They claim their son saw the same little girl later that night.

Ghost hunters Robert McCaffrey and Dave Orloff of the Paranormal Diagnostics Group have investigated the hotel three times of late and they, too, claim to have collected proof of the paranormal, including video of flashes and shadows — and creepy audio recordings.

In one audio clip they claim to hear the name “Evelyn Epright.” According to McCormick’s father, Epright lived in a house behind the hotel, but her home was later torn down in the mid-1960s.

They also claim a medium told them that three children might be haunting the hotel — and that the medium was able to draw an image of Jones’ room without ever seeing it.

She claims “his closet is a vortex of paranormal activity” and that there is “extensive energy” at the foot of his bed, according to the McCaffrey and Orloff.

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The hotel’s long history contributes to the notion that spirits might be lurking. Founded in 1748, it has a long lifespan that is intertwined with a murder trial, the Revolutionary War and other noteworthy events.

McCormick claims that five tenants died in the hotel and a sixth committed suicide during his parent’s 40-year ownership of the Hotel Somerset.

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