This Could Be One of the Greatest Pranks Ever Pulled on an Athlete

It’s possible this might just be one of the greatest sports pranks ever pulled.

For an entire month, former New York Met Jeff Francoeur — playing on the San Diego Padres’ Triple-A team the El Paso Chihuahuas — was tricked into thinking one of his teammates was deaf.

The gag started off as a simple joke when pitcher Jorge Reyes stood completely still after everyone called “heads up” during a team practice. From there, it got out of control, with the entire team working to convince Francoeur that Reyes was deaf.

“He’s the perfect guy to do this trick on because he does not pay attention to anything, ever,” Chihuahuas infielder Brooks Conrads said in the video.

Since the video, titled “On Jeff Ears,” was posted Saturday, it has amassed just under 800,000 views on YouTube.

Watch the Hilarious Prank Unfold:

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