Story About That Safe Found Under a Homeowner’s Floorboard Takes a Twist

A homeowner claiming to have found a hidden safe under the floorboard of his closet has revealed what was inside. But with this revelation, some are saying they smell a rat.

The homeowner, going by the online name CraigNoList, said he had moved into a new home recently and noticed what appeared to be shoddy workmanship in his closet. He used a flat head screwdriver to pry up the floorboard, revealing the safe, which he claimed to have never seen before.

The man, posting images of his find on Imgur and the social news site Reddit Sunday, wrote that he contacted a locksmith and would update his followers when the safe was opened.

Image source: CraigNoList/Imgur
Image via CraigNoList/Imgur

On Monday night, the man posted photos of its contents.

It held a dog collar, a set of keys and a small wooden box inside a plastic bag.

Image source: CraigNoList/Imgur
Image via CraigNoList/Imgur

“The sides are taped, and the bottom has a name written on it. I took a small gander and it’s somebody’s ashes. I’m not going any further,” CraigNoList wrote on Imgur.

But Redditors did a bit of sleuthing into these items. One Redditor found that CraigNoList had one year ago posted a picture of his dog. The connection? The Redditor observed that the collar on the dog and the one in the safe appear to be the same.

Image source: Imgur via Redditor
Image source: Imgur via Reddit

“He found an open empty safe a few days ago, made a post about finding one. Placed some random crap he thought would hit Redditors the best and then went through with a unveiling. Either he was to dumb to realize he had already posted one of the items and is a fraud or out of pure and utter coincidence he stumbled across a locked safe, then out of more coincidence it contained a dog collar with another coincidence of having the same tags as a dog he adopted,” one commenter going by JJRimmer speculated about what could have happened. 

CraigNoList appears to have removed his original post on Reddit about the safe, as it says “deleted.” He never responded to TheBlaze’s request for more information.