John Daly Smacks a Big Drive… Out of a Woman’s Mouth!

The very colorful professional golfer John Daly was not playing in last weekend’s Masters tournament in Augusta, GA. However, that does not mean Daly was not attracting attention with his golf skills.

Last Friday, Daly was captured on video hitting a golf ball off a tee being held in the mouth of his friend Katherine Michelle. The picture and video circled the social media world over the weekend and have started popping up on network television.

Watch the clip posted on Instagram:

Daly was successful in striking the ball cleanly and not injuring Ms. Michelle. Others who have tried similar stunts have not been as fortunate.

In 2012, Elizabeth Dickson, a Playboy model, was injured when she was struck on the right buttock cheek by a badly aimed driver that was meant to hit a golf ball teed up between the cheeks of her buttocks. Dickson is suing for $500,000 plus damages.

She is claiming that the stunt was supposed to be a photo shoot only and the man who struck her with the golf club was reckless in swinging the club. Dickson’s suit was filed in California last month.

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