Just a Video of a Fully Automatic World War II-Era Sub-Machine Gun Exploding a Watermelon (and Other Things)

This video doesn’t really qualify as news, but most of you will probably want to see it anyway.

The folks over at BearingArms.com flagged this fun video of a guy demolishing a watermelon, cans and bottles with a fully automatic Sten gun, a World War II-era submachine gun.

“If you don’t have a huge grin on your face after shooting one of these, you need to see a doctor,” Bob Owens writes.

Of course, fully automatic firearms are highly regulated. In order to get one, you have live in the right state, get all kinds of special permission from the government and register it with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The gun used by YouTube user Hicok45 was lent to him by Eric Morton from NC SILENCER.

Watch the video below: