Look Closely: There’s Something Very Off in This Photo

How did this happen?

(Source: KETV screen shot)
(Source: KETV screen shot)

The above image was taken Monday when a small boy was discovered inside an arcade game at a bowling alley in Lincoln, Nebraska. The youngster, Kael Ireland, had reportedly wandered away from the apartment across the street where he lives with his mom, Ashley.

The young boy’s mom claims that her son left the apartment when she went to the bathroom. She came out, discovered that her 3-year-old son was missing and began a frantic search that included the local police.

About the time Ashley Ireland was calling police, her son was discovered inside the Bear Claw game, playing with the stuffed animals. According to the report on the ABC affiliate KETV, the manager of the bowling alley speculated that the boy climbed into the machine through the one-way door where the prizes are delivered.

(Source: KETV screen shot)
(Source: KETV screen shot)

The story has a happy ending as the child was released unharmed and even allowed to keep one of the toys he took a shine to during his adventure. The police have also decided that Kael’s mom will not face any disciplinary action.

Watch the local report:

(H/T: WOWT.com)

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