Plant Manager Takes Leap of Faith for Easter

“We derive a great deal of satisfaction being able to bring gifts and components to people during this season of spiritual transformation.”

— Mark Smith, owner of Gifts Catholic

Lisa and Mark Smith, Gifts Catholic

A decade ago, Mark Smith was enjoying a flourishing career as a plant manager at a large manufacturing company. Things were going well, but something kept telling Mark he wasn’t where he needed to be.

Mark was an entrepreneur at heart—and he knew it. After months of praying for an opportunity to present itself, Mark found his answer during a religious pilgrimage in Europe. While traveling, he discovered some of the most beautiful, high-quality lines of religious gifts he’d ever seen.

What struck him the most about the products was that they were made by small, family-owned companies. Taking a leap of faith, Mark left his secure position and along with his wife, Lisa, began to pursue a new, true passion: Gifts Catholic.

“We feel fortunate to put the world’s most unique and best quality religious devotional items into the hands of Catholics and Christians everywhere,” Mark says.

Photo credit: Gifts Catholic
Photo credit: Gifts Catholic

Mark and Lisa have come to understand how high-quality Catholic gifts can enrich the faith and lives of others, and they’ve made it their goal to provide such gifts to as many people as possible—especially this time of year.

“Easter is a special time of year for us. Besides being one of our busiest seasons, it is all about new life,” Mark says. “As I reflect over the past 10 years, I can truly say we are blessed.”

Photo credit: Gifts Catholic
Photo credit: Gifts Catholic

Through Gifts Catholic, the Smiths now offer over 1,500 items—original designs with excellent quality.

“We’re proud that Gifts Catholic can help inspire a deepening of their faith and a closer relationship with God,” Mark says.

To learn more, visit Gifts Catholic at the Marketplace.

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