British Islamist Rebel Shows Off His Filthy Living Conditions in Syria, Says It’s Still Better Than Living in the West

A British Islamist rebel fighting in Syria said in a new recruitment video that conditions on the ground are not “five-star jihad,” but that to him it’s still better than living in “mansions” back home in the West.

The man, who calls himself Abu Abdullah, gave a virtual tour of the hideout where he and his fellow fighters, or “brothers” spend their days.

Among his revelations, he showed a container of what appeared to be filthy water which he said he and his comrades in arms both shower in and drink occasionally.

British rebel in Syria assures potential recruits this is not a "five star jihad." (Screenshot: YouTube)
A British rebel in Syria assured potential recruits that this is not a “five-star jihad.” (Image source: YouTube)

With his face masked to avoid being identified, he showed a room with mattresses on the floor where he and half a dozen “mujahids,” or fighters for Allah, sleep.

On the wall of the room, a machine gun hung next to the scribbled English phrase: “Islamic State!”

Mattresses on the floor of the rebels' lair. (Screenshot: YouTube)
Mattresses on the floor of the rebels’ lair. (Image source: YouTube)
This dirty water is used both for showering and drinking. (Screenshot: YouTube)
This dirty water is used both for showering and drinking. (Image source: YouTube)

Despite the lack of any luxuries, Abu Abdullah showed the toiletries he and his friends brought from overseas, including “oils you can’t leave behind,” body scrub and Tabasco sauce, which he assured viewers did not come from an aid convoy.

“There’s been a lot of talk of so-called five star-jihad, and the way mujahideen have been living in villas and mansions and cupboards full of sweets. But wallahy [I swear by Allah] it’s far from that,” he said.

On the wall, a machine gun and the phrase "Islamic State!" (Screenshot: YouTube)
On the wall, a machine gun and the phrase “Islamic State!” (Image source: YouTube)

The men have access to cold water only, and electricity is shut off for half the day, he said. In the bathroom, the men use a bucket of dirty water to wash their clothes, to which the narrator commented, “The blessing of jihad.”

“We struggle now. Inshallah (Allah willing), we get comfort later on,” he said. “By Allah I’d rather be here living in these conditions rather than in the West living in mansions and living amongst my family.”

“Come to the lands of jihad. Live amongst us. Live amongst us. By Allah, it’s a better living than where you are,” he urged those watching his video.

There have been videos posted online touting the attractive conditions of jihad in an effort to lure westerners to the battlefront. TheBlaze reported last year on one such video aimed at Somali American youths in Minnesota, encouraging them to travel to the Middle East to wage jihad against “infidel forces,” comparing the experience to a visit to Disneyland.

The latest Syria video was posted online by “Rayat Al-Tawheed” (Banner of God) which the Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium calls “a mouthpiece for British fighters from London that are fighting in support of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) in Syria.”

The group encourages British nationals to travel to Syria and contribute to rebel efforts to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad in the hopes of establishing a hardline Islamist state.

His video can be seen here:

(H/T: Al Arabiya)


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