‘Has PETA Never Been to a Diner?’: Bill O’Reilly Takes on Group’s Claim That White House Easter Egg Event Is Inhumane

Cable news host Bill O’Reilly responded Wednesday night to PETA’s opposition to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, wondering whether the organization is aware of the mass egg-trocities that unfold every morning in American diners.

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O’Reilly quipped about the rampant scrambling and consumption of eggs during a segment that focused on the animal-rights group’s recent video chastising first lady Michelle Obama over her support for the Easter event.

“PETA is objecting to the Easter eggs themselves,” O’Reilly said. “Has PETA never been to a diner? Do they know what happens in the morning?”

O’Reilly, who was joined by Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum, quipped that the world would become overrun with chickens if people stopped consuming them.

And MacCallum noted that she believes there are more important issues to focus on.

“You look at the things that are actually going on in this country and going on in the world and the fact that somebody is riling up these poor children and trying to get them incensed about this as an issue is so misguided and ridiculous,” she added. “It also undercuts all of their credibility.”

Watch the segment below:

PETA has been urging the White House to consider using “synthetic eggs” instead of hard-boiled eggs, featuring children in a video about the issue to push for “a new, humane tradition” — one that no longer requires animals to suffer for the enjoyment of kids on Easter Sunday.

The children in the PETA clip, released and publicized before Monday’s Easter Egg Roll, asked of Michelle Obama: “If all the other first ladies jumped off a bridge, would you?”

Watch the PETA video, titled, “Michelle Obama, We Need to Talk!,” below: