New York ‘Liberal’ Opens Up About What CNN and MSNBC Haven’t Invited Her on to Say

Joy Brighton is a self-described New York liberal. Glenn Beck is a Texas conservative. But on Thursday, the two found themselves “strange bedfellows” in the quest to distinguish Islam the religion from what Brighton has termed “Sharia-ism.”

“I’m sitting with you because I wasn’t invited by CNN or MSNBC, because something about what I’m saying today, they don’t want said,” Brighton remarked. “Which is symptomatic [of] the problem.”

The author has recently published a book titled Sharia-ism Is Here: The Battle to Control Women and Everyone Else. She said her book separates Islam from the controlling and abusive politics on top of it.

Joy Brighton appears on The Glenn Beck Program April 24, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Joy Brighton, the author of ‘Sharia-ism Is Here: The Battle to Control Women and Everyone Else,’ appears on The Glenn Beck Program April 24, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Brighton said the situation can be compared to a “new bully on the street; he’s walking around, stepping on women’s rights and free speech.” But every once in a while, the bully mentions the word “religion,” and “everybody backs away” and gives him a free pass because “we don’t want to go there.”

It is estimated, she said, that hundreds of thousands have suffered female genital mutilation and forced marriages in the United States.

“Girls … are being sent over to Pakistan, over to Sudan, marrying some strange relative and bringing that relative back,” Brighton remarked. “And now she’s under the thumb of a Sharia-ist. She doesn’t even experience Islam, the religion! She experiences control.”

Brighton said the biggest difference between Islam and Sharia-ism is the latter is a “political movement to control,” not unlike communism or fascism, and added that the only reason the ideology has been able to survive in the United States this long is because it has has the “cover of religion,” and an enormous number of “petrodollars.”

Brighton admitted many of her friends automatically disagree with her, afraid of offending Islam, but added: “If you actually get them to look at the facts and read some of it, they’ll say, ‘Oh I didn’t know that!'”

“It’s a huge problem,” she added. “People are very quick to jump, and they haven’t read anything! They don’t know the facts.”

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