Video: 10 Blunt Messages From NRA Convention Attendees to Billionaire Anti-Gun Activist Michael Bloomberg

INDIANAPOLIS — A handful of the 80,000 attendees at the 2014 National Rifle Association convention this weekend in Indianapolis were unafraid to send former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg a clear message regarding his current $50 million gun control push. One of the goals of the new multimillion anti-gun campaign, titled “Everytown for Gun Safety,” is to aggressively take on the NRA.

We asked a number of attendees on Friday what they would like to tell Bloomberg concerning his relentless efforts to restrict gun rights. They wrote the messages in bright red on pieces of paper, clear and impossible to take out of context.

“If you don’t like my country, get the hell out!!!” one of the messages said.

Here are some of the faces of the NRA convention:

(Source: TheBlaze)
“If you don’t like my country, get the hell out!!!” (Source: TheBlaze)
"Mr. B -- Get out of our lives." (Source: TheBlaze)
“Mr. B — Get out of our lives.” (Source: TheBlaze)
(Source: TheBlaze)
“A person in New York City does not need to make decisions for me or my family.” (Source: TheBlaze)
(Source: TheBlaze)
Source: TheBlaze

“Hey Michael, come and get it!” another person, a big fan of TheBlaze TV’s Andrew Wilkow, said.

One attendee simply advised Bloomberg to actually read the Constitution in his written message.

“A person in New York City does not need to make decisions for me or my family,” one man wrote to Bloomberg.

See all 10 messages from NRA convention attendees to Bloomberg here:

As previously reported by TheBlaze, Bloomberg announced Everytown for Gun Safety group will seek to battle the NRA and eventually overpower the gun rights group. He hopes his very deep pockets will give him the upper hand.

The former NYC mayor said his “nationwide grassroots network” needs to take a page from the NRA handbook and make sure that there are consequences for lawmakers who don’t fully support their anti-gun agenda.

“We’ve got to make them afraid of us,” Bloomberg told the New York Times.

In addition to airing TV ads in the D.C. and Indianapolis area all weekend, Everytown for Gun Safety plans to hold a “stroller jam” demonstration on Saturday to rally against the NRA and gun violence.

“They’re going to hear our voices whether they like it of not!” said Everytown for Gun Safety cofounder Shannon Watts.