Beck: ‘People Will Be Absolutely Shocked’ When They See What We Are Doing in the Movie Industry

Glenn Beck recently revealed that he has “big plans” for his massive movie studios in Irving, Texas. On TheBlaze TV’s Dana Friday, Beck shared more of what’s in store for the 72,000 sq. foot facility he purchased in 2013.

Beck said he’s not abandoning politics, but in order to make a true impact you cannot neglect a country’s culture. Trying to make an impact when an issue hits the political arena is like trying to repair a dam once the water hits Main Street, he said — the issue needs to be tackled sooner.

Glenn Beck appears on an episode of 'Dana' that aired April 25, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Glenn Beck appears on an episode of “Dana” that aired April 25, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

“If it’s done right, we’ll get all of the country,” Beck said. “We will be able to get into places that my face, talking politics, won’t be able to get us into. Because we have so many things truly in common that we need to fortify, otherwise they’re going to be lost.”

And Beck said that while they’re still in the initial phases, incredible talent is already asking if they can get on board.

“On Monday, we will have one of the biggest names in Hollywood coming here, who’s been begging us, begging us, ‘I want to do this so badly!'” Beck said. “People will be shocked, absolutely shocked. They will scratch their head and say, ‘That doesn’t even compute.’ Yes it does.”

“They are coming to us now, and he’s not the only one,” Beck added. “There are a couple [people] that nobody knows that have come to us for over a year, and have been saying, ‘Please, I just want to partner.'”

Beck said “people are hungry” for quality entertainment, and there is an enormous opportunity to speak to the entire country if it is done right.

“Texas offers a lot of opportunity for people,” he said with a smile. “We have pretty big plans.”

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