"President Barack Obama" attempts to save his relationship with "Vladimir Putin" with the help of Dr. Phil (image source: YouTube)

“President Barack Obama” attempts to save his relationship with “Vladimir Putin” with the help of Dr. Phil (Image source: YouTube)

“The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon broke out his Vladimir Putin impersonation again Thursday night as he and “President Barack Obama” tried to work out their differences with the help of Phil McGraw (“Dr. Phil”).

“Talk to me guys,” McGraw said. “Are you guys even communicating?”

“Look, you know, I’m the one that’s always reaching out,” the faux Obama replied. “I call and he doesn’t pick up. I send a text, and three days later I get a text back that says, ‘Sorry. Just got this.’”

“B**ch! You know I’m spying on you!” he shouted. “I know you read it three days ago!”

The “U.S. president” also complained during the therapy session with McGraw that “Putin” keeps “putting up walls.”

Then “Obama” added: “It’s like I try and I try, but I just can’t through.”

“You mean like Obamacare website?” Fallon’s “Putin” jabbed, much to the delight of the audience — he even managed a high-five with Dr. Phil.

Check out the sketch here:

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