The Moment a Motorcyclist Stopped All Traffic to Help an Older Man Cross the Road

Videos taken by helmet cameras can capture a whole multitudeof traffic sins, but every once in a while, they record something good.

A motorcyclist, apparently in Russia, was cruising along a busy city street when he spotted an older man crossing in the middle of the traffic ahead. Sure, the man didn’t appear to be using a designated crosswalk or at least crossing at an appropriate intersection, but instead of giving him angry honk and zipping around him, the motorcyclist stopped.

He then forced all the rest of oncoming traffic to stop as he helped guide the man, who was holding a cane, the rest of the way.

Image source: YouTube
Image source: YouTube

Man cross street_2

Watch the titled “Helpful Motorcyclist” (translated via Google Translate):

It’s unclear when exactly this event happened, but it has recently been making its rounds on auto websites after being posted to YouTube Wednesday.

(H/T: Reddit)