The Gift Dana Loesch Received at the NRA Convention That Made Her ‘Year’

Dana Loesch received a gift at the NRA convention last weekend that she said absolutely made her “year”: a custom-built AR-15 from Black Rain Ordnance.

After an interview about a New York compliant AR-15 with Black Rain Ordnance general manager Jared Moser, Moser told Loesch: “We were talking with the guys, and they want to build you a custom one.”

Loesch gasped and responded: “Are you serious? Don’t be playing with me now, because you just made my Mother’s Day and Christmas and all of that! … You just made my year.”

Dana Loesch speaks with at the NRA convention in Indianapolis. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Dana Loesch speaks with Black Rain Ordnance’s Jared Moser at the NRA convention in Indianapolis. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Moser assured Loesch he was serious, and added that since she lives in Texas, her AR-15 will have none of the restrictions she saw in the New York compliant firearm.

One of the concerns Loesch had about New York’s restrictions included: “What happens if they come back to you and say, ‘Oh, well this is also scary.'”

Moser joked that they could probably create something with “rainbows and unicorns,” before speaking on a more serious note.

“They keep doing these things that are basically for publicity. ‘We’re going to change this; we’re going to ban this,'” he said. “Obviously they don’t know what they’re talking about when they create these things, because it’s still a weapon. It’s still going to do what it’s designed to do, and that’s do whatever the user tells it to do.”

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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Read more about Black Rain Ordnance’s New York compliant AR-15 here.

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