Watch Louis C.K.’s Hilarious Takedown of Common Core Testing on Letterman

Comedian Louis C.K. has been slamming Common Core and rigid standardized testing all week, and he continued the trend appearing on “The Late Show” Thursday night.

Putting a humorous spin on his parental frustration, C.K. said the standardized testing system in New York mandates that “if a school’s kids don’t test well, they burn the school down.”

“It’s pretty high pressure,” he joked.


The comedian also lamented the fact that no one really knows who specifically is writing the standardized tests, which is the same problem a lot of parents and teachers have with Common Core in general. Meanwhile, students must spend a considerable amount of time preparing for the tests, C.K. explained.

“They decided there is a new way kids should think, and we are going to prove they are thinking it by having them pass these tests — or we burn the school down,” he added.

C.K. said he’s there for his daughters, ages 9 and 12, when they do their homework and grow frustrated, but lately his advice doesn’t work as well. That’s mostly because not even he can answer some of the bizarre questions.

He offered one made up example to highlight the absurdity of some of the Common Core-aligned homework: “Bill has three goldfish. He buys two more. How many dogs live in London?”

“You better notify the fire department,” Letterman joked.

Watch C.K.’s full Letterman appearance here (standardized testing talk starts at 0:48):

Earlier this week, Louis C.K. took to Twitter to complain that his daughters once loved math, but it now makes them cry. He sarcastically thanked Common Core for that.

He also got into a debate with Newsweek writer Alexander Nazaryan over Common Core.

(H/T: Gothamist)