Bill Maher Slams CNN for Missing Plane Coverage in Scathing Monologue: ‘This Isn’t News Anymore’

In a scathing monologue, late night comedian Bill Maher blasted CNN Friday for the networks’s continual coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

“You know how sometimes you lose something and you look all over the house for it and you can’t find it anywhere and eventually you just give up and forget about it? We should do that with Malaysia flight 370,” Maher joked.

“Watching CNN continue to breathe life into this thing is like watching a doctor on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ pounding on a pateint’s chest until another doctor has to pull him off and say, ‘Derek it’s over!’ That’s what I want to say to Wolf Blitzer. Wolf, it’s over!” he continued. “Time to move on! There will be other ocean disasters. We will always have Atlantis.”

“But this isn’t news anymore,” Maher added. “It’s an episode of ‘Unsolved Mysteries.'”

(H/T: Mediaite)

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