A Kansas high school teacher accidentally showed his entire class a pornographic image this week — yet, it was two students who were ultimately suspended by the school.

“I believe my son got in trouble because the school was trying to hide something,” Karen Winkel told KCTV.

Two students were suspended after a biology teacher displayed a pornographic image on the projector. (Image source: KCTV)

Two students were suspended after a biology teacher displayed a pornographic image on the projector. (Image source: KCTV)

According to a witness, when the JC Harmon High School teacher turned on the projector running off his computer a pornographic image appeared. The image was an ad for a website and showed a nude woman in a sexual position, KCTV reported.

“When she came home from school she was crying her eyes out, unable to speak about what had happened,” Laura Lester said, speaking of her daughter. “It was very upsetting that this is happening when our kids are in school, when they are supposed to be learning.”

After the image was displayed, Lester says her daughter took a picture and sent it to her boyfriend, asking what to do.

“I know my daughter was very uncomfortable,” she said.

“I know my daughter was very uncomfortable.”

Winkel’s son took a picture and sent it to his friend, who is then believed to have then posted it on Facebook.

Later that day, the two students were called out of class. School officials eventually issued them a two day suspension.

“For inappropriate use of electronics. I have no idea (what that is supposed to mean). I tried to run it through my mind and understand. She was on her own cell phone,” Lester told KCTV.

Both parents attempted to appeal the decision, but their attempts were futile. Their main concern is that the suspension will stay on their children’s record.

“That’s the most upsetting, that she’s looking into colleges and looking at a bright future and this is going to follow her, what this teacher did,” Lester said.

The school declined to speak with KCTV about the issue, but said that standard procedure is to place a teacher on leave during an investigation. The school also said they would meet with the parents again to try to remedy the situation.

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