Brit Hume, Former Democratic Rep. Get Into Heated Exchange Over Benghazi

Political analyst Brit Hume tangled with former Democratic Rep. Jane Harman over whether the White House deliberately misled the American people following the deadly 2012 terror attacks in Benghazi.

Harman, appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” said that the misinformation that was initially spread after the attacks was an “intelligence failure.”

Hume adamantly disagreed.

“You’re right, there wasn’t a conspiracy in the United States to mount the Benghazi attack,” Hume said. “That’s not the question.”

“The question was whether in the aftermath of the attack, when the administration sent its U.N. ambassador out to explain it to everybody, and she did so falsely, that there wasn’t a conspiracy to create the false talking points that she used,” the Fox News senior political analyst continued. “I’m not talking about the CIA talking points, I’m talking about the talking points used on that program that day, which were monumentally misleading, that since have been shown to be false, and based on no intelligence of any concequence that we know of.”

Harman continued, however, to insist that the administration did not deliberately craft misleading talking points.

“How did it happen?” Hume then pressed. “Where did the idea that the video had anything to do with Benghazi come from?”

“Can you identify anybody?” he added. “Can you identify any CIA information? Can you identify any source?”

“My view on this, having been around at the time, was that this was not deliberately misleading,” the former Democratic congresswoman replied. “It turned out to be wrong, but it was not deliberate.”

(H/T: Free Beacon)

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