‘You Guys Are Scum!’: Here’s What Happened When a Reporter Asked Protesting Anarchists What Their Message Was

A Seattle local news reporter attempted to interview a set of anarchists demonstrating on May Day — but it seems they didn’t want to preach their message on TV.

“Can we talk to you,” the KIRO-TV reporter asked the group.

“Please go away,” one individual replied.

Things then took a vulgar turn.

“You guys are scum! That’s why we are here,” one of the protesters shouted.

“You came here just for us? the reporter asked.

“I came here because you are scum and a piece of s***!” the protester replied.

One woman who appeared to be with the group then told the reporter, “The system is failing the masses.” When asked how the demonstration was going to fix the supposed problem, the woman replied, “Anarchy lives.”

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