Egyptian TV Thinks ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted the Syrian Civil War in 2001 Based on This Clip

Egyptian media is suspicious that America’s longest running animated program, “The Simpsons,” predicted the Syrian Civil War roughly thirteen years ago.

It seems as though an episode titled “New Kids on the Blecch” from 2001 depicted a car with what appears to be the flag of Syria’s opposition on it.

“This is from 2001 – before there was such a thing called the ‘Syrian opposition,'” an anchor said Al-Tahrir TV Sunday, according to a MEMRI translation. “The flag was created before the events took place. That’s why people are saying on Facebook that this is a conspiracy. In 2001, there was no such thing as the flag of the Syrian opposition.”

“This raises many question marks about what happened in the Arab Spring revolutions, and about when this global conspiracy began,” she added.

(Image source: 'The Simpsons' via MEMRI-TV)
(Image source: ‘The Simpsons’ via MEMRI-TV)

It doesn’t appear that Egyptian media edited the clip to show the flag. Many YouTube users have uploaded parts of the episode, and the flag appears in those clips as well:

(Image source: YouTube)
(Image source: YouTube)

Unfortunately, The Times of Israel notes that Syria’s opposition flag isn’t exactly original.

The flag was used in the country for decades before the 1963 coup that brought the Ba’ath Party and the Assad family — which the opposition is fighting so hard to overthrow — into power.

Watch the complete clip via MEMRI-TV, below: