Neighbor Screams at Former Navy SEAL as He Takes Down His Flag: ‘You F***ing Fat A**… What’d You Get Shot?’

Former Navy SEAL David Hall says his neighbor is a rude bully — and he’s got the surveillance footage to prove it.

In a video posted on YouTube, Hall’s neighbor can be heard berating the veteran while he was putting away his American flag at sunset.

“You f***ing fat a**, sitting over there,” the neighbor says in the video. “And acting fat and laying around. Laying around and doing nothing. What’d you get shot? Is that because you couldn’t run?”

Hall said he believes the neighbor had been drinking when the video was taken, but his comments were still shocking.

As Fox News reports, “Hall was a Navy SEAL for 21 years” and almost lost his leg in Iraq in 2004 when he jumped off a roof to avoid a grenade. The damage to his knee from the jump was reportedly so severe he nearly lost his leg.

Hall, who lives in Virginia Beach, claims his neighbor’s verbal abuse has been unrelenting. But the two’s bad blood apparently resulted from a dispute over the homeowner’s association a few years ago.

When contacted by Fox News, the neighbor said Hall is the real bully.

Hall reportedly plans to sell his home and leave the neighborhood, leaving the drama behind.

(H/T: Fox News Insider)