Talk about good advertising for college football recruiters.

Gary Haynes, who attends Manvel High School in Texas, posted a video to Vine that appears to show him throwing a field-length pass and then sprinting to catch the same ball.

Haynes, a wide receiver and cornerback, described himself to Rivals Football Recruiting as a “smooth route runner with quick feet, a quick change of direction, and an innate ability to create separation.”

There’s always the possibility that the video was a set up, but let’s not forget Brad Johnson with the Vikings who threw a touchdown pass, which was significantly shorter than Haynes’ throw, to himself:

According to the Houston Chronicle, Haynes will be a senior on the Maverick’s team this fall.

Yahoo Sports reported that Haynes already has one scholarship offer from the University of Houston, but his top choices after graduating in 2015 are Texas Tech or Texas A&M.


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