Woman With a Terminal Illness Was Almost Killed by a Massive Tree Instead

“I guess it wasn’t my time to go.”

That’s what a Florida woman who has a terminal illness said after she narrowly missed being killed by a tree that fell right through her friend’s living room where she was sitting only moments before.

Grace Snape told WKMG-TV that she heard a creaking while she was at Madoorie Radham’s house in Orlando, Florida, in the late afternoon and went to the front door, thinking someone was there. That’s the moment the tree hit.

Image source: WKMG-TV
Image source: WKMG-TV
Image source: WKMG-TV
Image source: WKMG-TV

Though Ramdhan can’t live in her house right now, she recognizes that things could have been worse.

“Not everybody’s lucky like I am,” Ramdhan told the news station. “My family is very lucky.”

Watch WKMG’s report to get a better look at the massive tree:

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Neighbors think the root system of the tree was rotted, leading to its fall. The tree was located in another neighbor’s yard and fell into Madoorie’s house and onto Sue Plowden’s property.

“Where are we going to dump all this?” Plowden told WKMG. “And the stuff that the chainsaw won’t cut, I have no idea how we’re going to get that out of here.