Read the ‘Cowardly’ Letter a Supposed Real Estate Agent Left for an Elderly Couple

An elderly couple living in New Jersey says a letter that was left anonymously by a person last week claiming to be a real estate agent amounts to a “cowardly” act.

“I’m trying to sell million dollar homes in the neighborhood. I drive my clients around and they see your car parked side ways on the front lawn! You have a driveway — use it!” the letter to Bill and Barbara Doughten reads.

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Image source: Screen grab via KYW-TV

The letter has since gone viral, after the couple’s daughter posted it to Facebook, along with her scathing response.

“Your sloppy, hand written, unprofessional, anonymous and contemptuous note arrived at my eighty year old grandparents’ home today,” Stephanie Powley wrote. “I have to say, that I have seen sales people do some pretty scum bag things in my life, but this may take the cake.”

“Did you take a moment to wonder why my grandfather parks in that lot? Did it cross your mind that he may do it to be closer to his front door? Did you even take ONE second to consider your inconsiderate, ignorant actions before you scribbled your frustration on that piece of printer paper?” she asked. “I’m going to assume, not. Since you mailed it, with no return address – like only a true coward would.”

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Image source: Screen grab via KYW-TV

Bill Doughten explained to KYW-TV why he chooses to park his car on his lawn.

“I park there because I got a bad leg, I shake and I’m an old man,” he said, adding that it’s for his “comfort” and that he’s not “bothering anybody.”

“Why would you send a letter anonymously?” he said. “That shows the character.”

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