Video: Something Magical Happened When a Woman at an Airport Asked a Pastor and His Friends What They Do

A spontaneous performance of the popular Christian song “Jesus Messiah” outside an airport terminal was apparently so captivating that it attracted attention from onlookers and airline personnel alike.

Days later, video of the spectacle is going viral on Facebook, pleasantly surprising Pastor Stacy Perkins of Harmony Hill Baptist Church in Lufkin, Texas, one of the people in the clip.

“We were on a three-hour layover at the Atlanta airport waiting on our flight to Shreveport, and we were just messing around, chit-chatting with the people around us and having fun,” Perkins told KTRE-TV.

Christian music group performs in an Atlanta airport (Image source: Facebook)
Christian music group performs in an Atlanta airport (Image source: Facebook)

But then a woman asked the group what they do. So Perkins and his friends and family, part of the Classic Worship Praise of East Texas music ensemble, decided to show her by breaking into an impromptu performance of “Jesus Messiah.”

As the men and women belted out the tune, a crowd quickly formed around them to take pictures and video. One woman working the ticket counter was actually so impressed that she gave her airline microphone to Perkins for him to use during the performance.

Watch the spontaneous singing that’s attracted more than 7,000 “likes” and 52,000 shares on Facebook:

The Classic Worship Praise of East Texas is a Christian music group that includes Perkins’ brothers, sisters, nephew and niece, among others.