Hamas TV’s Bumble Bee Character Encourages Children to Do Some Disturbing Things to Jews

In a recent episode of a Hamas-sponsored television show, Palestinian children were encouraged by a giant bee character to punch, throw stones at and shoot Jews.

The show, “Pioneers of Tomorrow” featured a giant bee puppet named Nahoul who speaks to children on the phone and in studio.

Hamas television's giant bumble bee encourages children to punch Jews and "turn their faces into tomatoes." (Image source: MEMRI via YouTube)
Hamas television’s giant bumble bee encourages children to punch Jews and “turn their faces into tomatoes.” (Image source: MEMRI via YouTube)

A climactic excerpt of the show posted online presented a girl interviewing two other little girls who appeared to be in the first years of elementary school.

The interviewer named Rawan asked a little girl Tulin why she wanted to become a policewoman like her uncle.

“What do the police do?” Rawan asked.

“They catch thieves and troublemakers,” Nahoul the bee interjected.

“And they shoot Jews, right?” Rawan prompted.

“Right,” Tulin answered.

“You want to be like him? Allah willing, when you grow up,” Rawan asked.

“I will shoot the Jews,” Tulin answered.

Rawan’s follow-up question: “All of them?”

To which Tulin obediently replied, “Yes.”

“Good,” Rawan said.

The show aired on Al-Aqsa Television on May 2 and was translated and posted online by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Another segment of the show had the bee, Nahoul, speaking with a child named Qays by telephone about Jenin, a large Palestinian city. The two discussed the possibility of “Jews” coming to Jenin.

“Listen, my friend, make a fist, like this,” the giant bumble bee suggested using a high falsetto voice, adding “next time they come, punch them. Turn their faces into tomatoes.”

“In order to liberate Palestine,” the child Qays answered.

“Allah willing,” said the bee.

In another excerpt, Nahoul the bee spoke with Rawan, a girl who appeared to be his co-host.

“Rawan, I want to tell him to pick up a stone, and when the Jews come, to take it and throw it,” the giant bumblebee suggested.

“That’s right, if the neighbors are Jewish,” Rawan interjected.

“He should beat them up,” Nahoul the bee said.

“If his neighbors are Jewish or Zionist, that goes without saying,” the girl Rawan added.

Palestinian Media Watch, a research organization that tracks anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement in the Palestinian media wrote that the “hate messages on this Hamas TV children’s program” have been seen in the past, often “presented by sweet puppets.”

The Times of Israel noted of a past episode of the program, “In one segment extensively reported on in Western and Hebrew media, a Mickey Mouse-like character, who relentlessly espouses the beliefs of militant, radical Islam, is eventually beaten to death by Israeli soldiers after he attempts to liberate Tel Aviv. Other animal characters on the show have met a similar fate.”

Here are excerpts of the Hamas-backed television program translated by MEMRI: