He Was Reportedly Told by City Officials That He May Hear From Their Attorney Over This Sarcastic Video About ‘Serious’ Issue

A frustrated Indianapolis realtor launched a sarcastic “Adopt a Pothole” initiative in an attempt to bring attention to the city’s “serious” pothole problem. City officials were not amused — in fact, they reportedly told him he may receive a call from one of their attorneys.

Kurt Flock took his campaign online and published a short video showing him putting a plant in a huge pot hole on Mass. Avenue in Indianapolis.

“I’ve been very frustrated,” he told WTHR-TV. “Worst case, you throw out your suspension, get a flat or lose a hubcap. It’s happening all over the city.”

Flock said he was “clearly having fun” with the video, but the issue is a serious one.

When the city caught wind of his video, officials reportedly asked that he take the “Adopt a Pothole” reference out of the video because some residents might think it’s a real city initiative. Flock said he was told he might be hearing from a city attorney over the issue.

But Flock is remaining defiant and refusing to take it down.

“If they put me in jail for civil disobedience, hopefully something good happens,” he said.

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