The Wild Way a British Islamist Suggests Forcing ‘Infidels’ to Dress in Order to Get Them to Convert

A British Muslim preacher has suggested forcing Christians to wear conspicuous and unusual clothing and hair styles as a means to humiliate them and thus pressure them to convert to Islam.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) in recent days posted video online of the speech delivered by Abu Waleed whom it described as a “British Islamist.”

This Muslim speaker identified as Abu Waleed suggested Christians would have special clothing under Islamic rule (Image source: MEMRI)
This Muslim speaker identified as Abu Waleed suggested Christians would have special clothing under Islamic rule (Image source: MEMRI)

In his lecture which was delivered in English and received chuckles from his audience, Abu Waleed cited Islamic writings describing the Islamic state in which “infidels” (to him that is non-Muslims) would be made to wear a red belt around their necks while outdoors, mismatched shoes and shaved foreheads so that they will stand out. Other suggestions included setting aside limited space for non-Muslims on the road.

Abu Waleed contrasted the Islamic view with the United Nations Charter and emphasized the inequality under Muslim rule which would include taking a jizya poll tax from non-Muslims.

“Equality to all of its members – is there such a thing in Islam? Is there equality of faith?” Abu Waleed asked rhetorically.

Quoting a hadith, that is, a saying or deed of the prophet Mohammed, Abu Waleed said, “The Prophet said: Don’t greet the Jews and the Christians before they greet you, and when you meet any of them on the road, force them to go on the narrower side of it.”

Quoting another religious source, Abu Waleed said Christians are not allowed to wear the same clothes as Muslims.

“When an infidel walks down the street, he has to wear a red belt around his neck, he has to have his forehead shaved, and he has to wear two shoes that are different from one another. He is not allowed to walk on the pavement. He has to walk in the middle of the road, and he has to ride on a mule,” the speaker said.

If wearing different clothing weren’t enough, there would be certain cases in which Christians would have to give up their clothing altogether according to Abu Waleed’s vision.

“If a Muslim comes out on the day of ‘Eid [holiday] and sees an infidel with nice clothes, the infidel has to take his clothes off and give them to the Muslim,” Abu Waleed said.

He further suggested that the rules not apply to children, that by seeing their parents humiliated they might convert to Islam:

The child growing up in a state of heresy would turn to Islam. Why? Because the child would be walking along with his dad, and would say: ‘Dad?’


‘Why have you got your forehead shaved?’

‘I don’t know, these Muslims make me do it.’

‘Why can’t you ride the animal like the Muslims, who ride like this? Why are you riding with both legs dangling on the side of the donkey Why is it that every time a Muslim comes and asks you for your clothes, you give them? Why is it that every time he tells you to get down from the horse, you have to take it?’

Abu Waleed also described a scenario in which a church run by “John” and his wife “Tracy” would be forced to put up a Muslim named Emir Al-Khattab who had just finished a night out at dinner but did not feel like going home. Under his vision, the Christian wife, Tracy, would become dissatisfied with her husband because they were made to sleep on the floor.

“Tracy is going to be on the floor, thinking: ‘My husband has got his forehead shaved, and look at this one… He’s like Al-Khattab…’ Which one is more attractive – we’re not gay, but I’m just saying… – a man with his forehead shaved, one belt around his neck, and two different colored shoes, or Emir Al-Khattab?,” Abu Waleed said.

“What is Tracy going to do? John is in for a problem. He just let the Emir in for a kebab, and he lost his own wife as well. So everyone is going to become Muslims. That, my dear brothers, is the Islamic state,” he added.

See the entire speech that was recorded in January courtesy of MEMRI including a description of the provision that churches could exist under Islamic rule; however, ringing its bells would be forbidden.