‘Part of Ministry That I Hate’: Famed Pastor Reveals Stunning Thing He Can’t Stand About Megachurch Culture

Bishop T.D. Jakes may be a famed preacher who leads a congregation of 30,000, but he says he “hates” the cult of personality and adoration that sometimes emerges in modern-day megachurches.

“There are pastors whose ego demands that type of adulation… It’s the part of ministry that I hate. I really hate it,” Jakes told HuffPo Live in a recent interview. “Because from the inside out I see myself as quite normal. The pressure to live up to all of your expectations frustrates me.”

This is a candid admission from a pastor who, in addition to serving as lead preacher at The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, is a bestselling author who also recently produced “Heaven Is For Real,” a feature film about a boy who claims he visited heaven and met Jesus.

Bishop T.D. Jakes speaks during McDonald’s Gospelfest 2013 at the Prudential Center on Saturday, May 11, 2013 in Newark, N.J. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

But despite the massive size of his church and the scope of his ministry, Jakes says he’s still the same man who once ministered to much smaller audiences.

“I’m the same guy that pastored 50 people on Easter Sunday if you counted pregnant people and dead folks,” he quipped. “I didn’t turn into some kind of creature when they became 5,000.”

Jakes said he doesn’t need fame and adoration in order to feel good about himself. In fact, he admitted to steering clear of big crowds where he might be recognized.

“I don’t like to go out into crowds and be accosted by masses of people and signing autographs,” he added. “I can handle it, but I don’t need it.”

Watch Jakes discuss these themes among others below (the megachurch conversation starts around 13:00 mark):

(H/T: Christian Today)