Four Small Businesses Setting an Example: Making and Manufacturing in America

Many risks inherent with entrepreneurial ventures are only amplified for those committed to providing goods made exclusively in the United States, like these four new businesses that just joined The Marketplace by TheBlaze. With each new shop we bring on board, we can’t help but marvel at those who sacrifice often cheaper overseas manufacturing options in order to build their communities and our nation by staying 100 percent American-made.

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Liberty Tabletop

Photo: Liberty Tabletop

Starting out, it was all Alice Roberts and the other owners of Liberty Tabletop could do to stay in business: they ran equipment, packed product and even cleaned toilets at their factory themselves. For Alice, keeping their business going wasn’t just about making a profit, it was about strengthening America.

“A vibrant economy starts with a diversified economy, and manufacturing plays a critical part,” Alice said.

Despite regulations adding up to 15-20 percent of their costs, the folks at Liberty Tabletop have continued manufacturing their stainless steel flatware exclusively in the United States.

Nybakke Vacuum Shop

Photo: Nybakke Vacuum Shop

Celebrating 82 years of operation, brothers Terry and David Nybakke started working for the family business in high school. Specializing in American-made vacuums and cleaning systems, the Nybakkes have had to continuously evolve to stay in competition with others. Four generations later, one thing that hasn’t changed is their commitment to making their vacuums 100 percent in the USA. No strangers to the struggles and rewards of running a small family business, the Nybakkes are proud to carry on this tradition of American-made excellence, in spite of the challenges along the way.

Jensen’s Sunrise Bedding

Photo: Jensen’s Sunrise Bedding

Before he was married, Jay Jensen thought he’d be milking cows for the rest of his life. His new bride, Sheri, had different plans and persuaded him to pursue his education. Over the next three decades, the Jensens went from losing everything they had when the Teton Dam broke, to building a business with an extensive product line, to downsizing again with the recession. Through it all, Jay and Sheri attribute their ability to survive the roller-coaster ride they’ve experience to inspired ingenuity, hard work and an irresistible mattress pad made 100 percent in the USA.

Circle B Ranch

Photo: Circle B Ranch

After running a business for 30 years in New York City, John and Marina Backes decided to leave the industrial construction industry to open a hog farm in rural Missouri. The reason?

“Rules and regulations that were supposed to help us actually hindered the growth and expansion of our small family owned business,” John said.

While moving wasn’t the easiest thing to do, the Backeses don’t regret their decision one bit and their delicious, natural, American-raised pork products speak for themselves!

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