Why Do Young People Support Hillary Clinton? Rush Limbaugh Has a Theory That They Are Bound to Take Issue With

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh announced on his program Thursday that he believes young Hillary Clinton supporters primarily back her because she is a woman.

According to Limbaugh, when you “boil it down,” certain members of the Democratic Party think that the U.S. has been “sexist” and “racist” in the past. Thus, he contended, they think voting for particular candidates will showcase how the country is “advancing as a culture.”

“So you boil it down here and the only and greatest achievement Hillary Clinton has is her gender — being female,” Limbaugh said. “Now, this is not everybody, obviously. It’s primarily young people.”

“But it dovetails with that. It’s predictable,” he continued. “Everything about what these people are gonna do is predictable. If you look at someone and you only see their race, that’s what makes you racist. If you look at somebody and only see their gender, that makes you sexist. And that’s who these liberals are.”

(H/T: Daily Rushbo)

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