Dinesh D’Souza: The Left’s ‘Commitment’ to Civil Liberties is a ‘Complete Sham’

Bestselling author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza said Friday that the left’s “commitment” to civil liberties has been revealed as a “complete sham.”

“Ironically, the left began in the sixties as a defender of free speech,” D’Souza said, speaking on TheBlaze TV’s Dana. “But … as the left began to gain power in the universities, they began to realize there were dissenters against them. And then they began to say, ‘Well, wait a minute — maybe we don’t believe in free speech that much.'”

Slogans like “no tolerance towards those who are intolerant” began to arise, D’Souza said, and we have now reached a place where “you can’t say terrorist, you can’t say Islam, and you can’t say jihad” when discussing 9/11.

Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza appears on 'Dana' May 16, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza appears on ‘Dana’ May 16, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

“Now, of course, it’s very clear that the left does not believe in free speech at all, or at least, they only believe in free speech for themselves,” D’Souza remarked. “The commitment of the left to civil liberties … has turned out to be a complete sham.”

D’Souza expressed concern that “our culture has taken a very repressive turn,” and people who express certain beliefs are “ruthlessly” targeted, deprived of their jobs, and forced to apologize.

The activists who lead the charge only want to “protect political sensitivities,” D’Souza added, and are “perfectly happy to sacrifice the truth at the altar.”

You can watch the complete interview, as well as the trailer for D’Souza’s upcoming film “America: Imagine the World Without Her,” below:

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