What Reportedly Kept North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Sitting ‘Up All Night, Feeling Painful’?

PYONGYANG, North Korea (TheBlaze/AP) — North Korea’s young leader Kim Jong Un reportedly “sat up all night, feeling painful” after being told the news.

Kim Jong Un (Image source: AP)
Kim Jong Un (Image source: AP)

But details from the reclusive regime’s tightly controlled state media, which rarely report news that might be considered negative, are not very numerous.

The official Korean Central News Agency is reporting a “serious” accident this past week at a construction site in Pyongyang with “casualties” — but no death toll mentioned.

The unusual report Sunday morning local time says the accident in Phyongchon district occurred Tuesday “as the construction of an apartment house was not done properly and officials supervised and controlled it in an irresponsible manner.”

The report says the rescue operation ended Saturday and that officials apologized to bereaved families and district residents.

That a former high-level confident of Kim Jong Il recently claimed that his son reportedly wields little to no political power as the country’s recognized supreme leader adds to the strangeness of this latest report.

And meanwhile there are concerns over another North Korean nuclear test: