See How College Students Perform on Their ‘Final Exam’ on Benghazi (Warning: Video May Cause Hopelessness)

Students at George Mason University had no problem identifying the singer behind the hit song “Happy,” but when it came to Benghazi some were left speechless.

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph recently quizzed students on campus, asking them what Benghazi is and why it’s currently in the news.


“It’s a place in Afghanistan,” one student replied.

A female student then guessed that Benghazi is being covered in the news because it has something to do with a “save the children” initiative.

“Something in the Middle East,” another student said.

The worst answer goes to another student who argued the word Benghazi reminds her of a guy who she works with at “the gym.”

Of course, Joseph couldn’t resist poking a little fun at the uninformed students. Watch the video here: