‘What Did You Do?!’: Police Arrest Texas Teen for Attempted Robbery — Then Someone He’s Likely More Afraid of Than the Police Showed Up

A 16-year-old could face attempted robbery charges, but that’s not the only thing he has to fear. He quickly learned that his mother and grandmother are not afraid to dish out heavy doses of tough love to teach him a lesson.

KTRK-TV reports that the 16-year-old’s mother actually turned her own son in last week — and when Houston police arrived to pick the teen up, his grandmother was there to scold him while he sat in the back of the police car.

The best part? It was all caught on video.


“What did you do? You did do something! You wouldn’t be in the back of this police car! What did you do?” the grandmother is seen screaming at her grandson.

“Take your butt to school and this wouldn’t happen, would it?” she added.

The teenager’s mother, Deandra, claims she discovered that Houston police were searching for two suspects who allegedly robbed a man at gunpoint near a gas station. She soon realized that one of the suspects was her son.

She thought her son was at a job interview with a friend. When she put the pieces together, she called the police and brought him back to the scene of the crime so officers could arrest him.

“People work too hard for their stuff and somebody is going to shoot you,” the mother told KTRK-TV. “I don’t want to see that, I don’t want to see that. I want for the best, and if this is what it takes for him to get help, let him get some help.”

The 16-year-old and his 15-year-old accomplice are also suspects in another nearby incident and could face attempted robbery charges, police said.