Republicans Want to Pass a New Constitutional Amendment

Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah) and several other House Republicans want to give states the right to combine forces and repeal federal laws or policies they oppose.

Bishop proposed legislation this week that would amend the Constitution to allow a repeal of federal actions if two-thirds of the states agree.

Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, wants to give states more power to override federal policies. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Under his proposed amendment, states would be able to pass resolutions disapproving of a federal policy. Once two-thirds of the states take this step, Congress would be able to either uphold that decision, or try to pass the law once again.

Bishop said this check is needed to block out-of-touch federal rules and restore a balance with the rights of states.

“Over the course of history, states have unfortunately lost the ability to compete against the dominant and powerful federal government,” he said.

“We commonly recognize the defined powers of the people, states, and federal government as the concept of Federalism,” he added. “Without restoring Federalism as the foundation upon which all policy decisions are based, the size and scope of the federal government will unquestionably continue to grow.”

Bishop also said the country’s huge debt is the result of an overblown, unchecked federal government.

“We need to look no further than the $17 trillion debt to see that the approach we have taken as a nation is not working,” he said. “This immense debt is the direct result of the federal government not just spending too much, but doing too much.”

His bill has 20 co-sponsors, all Republicans.