This Has to Be One of the Most Extreme Body Piercings Out There

Joel Miggler knows people look at him strangely.

“For sure people judge me for my body mods — mostly bad — but I don’t care what they say,” the body modification artist told Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

One of Miggler’s most notable features are the gauges he has put in the sides of his cheeks, exposing his molars and sometimes his forked tongue, should he choose to stick it out. His stretched cheeks are already 36-mm wide, but he’s going for 40 mm.

Image source: YouTube
Image source: YouTube

Miggler, who goes by Bodymoded Punky on Facebook, started his body modification process in his teens where many people do — in his ears.

“I started at 13 years of age with stretching my lobe and the first body modification was a cutting on my back when I was 18,” the German 23-year-old, who now has 25 piercings, said.

Joel Miggler has plugs when he doesn't want the inside of his mouth exposed. (Image source: Facebook)
Joel Miggler has plugs when he doesn’t want the inside of his mouth exposed. (Image source: Facebook)

“The jewelry doesn’t touch my teeth and makes no problem with eating and drinking. I only can take smaller bites than before,” Miggler told the Telegraph, noting that he has plugs for eating certain things like soup.

(H/T: Metro)