The Moving Reason Dana Loesch Never Believed in Government-Run Healthcare, Even in Her Days as a Liberal Feminist

Dana Loesch has often spoken about how, before she had her first child, she was a rabid feminist whose entire identity was “liberal first.”

“Everything else, from being a Christian, a mother, a daughter, a friend — everything else came second,” Loesch once said.

But on Friday, Loesch revealed on her Blaze TV program, Dana, why even in her “lost years” she never believed government-run healthcare was the solution.

“I want to introduce you all to somebody,” Loesch said, gesturing at a photo behind her. “This handsome fella that you see here over my shoulder, that is my grandpa. He passed away nine years ago, on the exact same day that my second son was born. He lived just long enough to hear that he officially had a second great-grandson, and that his granddaughter was healthy.”

Dana Loesch speaks about government-run healthcare on May 23, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Dana Loesch speaks about government-run healthcare on May 23, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Loesch’s grandfather served as a gunner aboard the USS Alabama during World War II. As a result of his service, he became deaf and was exposed to radiation that eventually led to cancer and the removal of a portion of his lung.

“It was through this amazing man that I had my first experience with government-run healthcare,” Loesch said. “At their best, hospitals aren’t necessarily the happiest places on earth. … At their worst, well that’s kind of what I experienced at the VA.”

Loesch described seeing veterans aimlessly sitting in wheelchairs in hallways, and bedridden veterans who weren’t even being provided water or basic pain medication.

“My family pulled a 24/7 vigil for like two months when my grandfather, who was a poor farmer from the Ozarks, was in the VA,” Loesch said. “One night, my mother just cracked. My grandpa was behind schedule for his pain [medication] — I know, kind of important, right? The hospital was short-staffed, so she went to the nurses station and just asked if he could have his dosage of [medication], as he was in a considerable amount of pain.”

Loesch said her mother went to the nurses station three times, each time being brushed aside with a promise that they would get to it soon, though they never did. The last time, she said the nurse was so rude she even rolled her eyes at Loesch’s mother’s request.

That’s when Loesch said her mother “verbally shredded the entire VA staff.”

But it didn’t end there for Loesch’s grandfather. The Blaze TV host said he was later denied a hearing aid he had been promised for ten years, because he was “too old and that wasn’t cost effective.”

He finally did get the necessary medication and a hearing aid, Loesch said, but because his family took care of it.

“It was because of the VA that I never, ever believed in government healthcare or [a single-payer system], even during my lost years as a Democrat, because I saw how it was!” Loesch said. “These men and these women, they signed a contract, and they honored their part with their lives. Now where is Uncle Sam to honor his?”

Loesch’s story comes as 26 VA facilities are being investigated nationwide after reports that officials falsified wait times, making it look as though veterans did not have to wait as long for care as they did. As a result of the protracted wait times, it is reported that dozens of veterans may have died unnecessarily.

“These are called death panels, America!” Loesch said. “Everyone is commissioning reports and filing reports and making reports and reporting, meanwhile our veterans are dying one by one … waiting for someone to just get it together in Washington, D.C.”

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