Vice President Joe Biden has a word of advice about microphones: Always assume they’re on.

Biden, who famously was caught telling President Barack Obama that passing health care reform was a “big f***ing deal,” shared his wisdom with the crowd at the kickoff for the Ride 2 Recovery Memorial Challenge on Monday.


“Piece of advice about that BFD stuff: Assume every microphone is on,” Biden said, according to CNN.

The man who introduced Biden at the event had referred to the vice president’s enthusiastic 2010 declaration, which even spawned a line of Obama campaign T-shirts.

“I just want you to know, I didn’t intentionally say that,” Biden said Monday. “I actually turned and I said, ‘Mr. President,’ and I whispered in his ear. Unfortunately, I was looking in the direction of one guy who could actually read lips — not a joke. Because no one picked it up at the time and one of the reporters read lips. Thank God my mother was gone or I’d have been one dead vice president.”

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