Heart-Pounding Video Shows Terrifying Moment Tornado Approaches Trailer Park, Stands Still Next to Man Recording

Stunning footage posted online appears to show the absolutely terrifying moments a tornado approached Waterford City, North Dakota — and then briefly stood still, spinning adjacent next to a man recording the drama unfold.

“Dude, where do we go?” one of the individuals in the video can be heard saying as the tornado approaches. “We have nowhere to go.”

[sharequote align=”center”]”We have nowhere to go.”[/sharequote]

The video captures the duo desperately seeking shelter in a pickup truck, watching in awe and sheer horror as they watch the destructive storm inches closer.

“Oh s***” one of them says.

Footage then shows the tornado, which the National Weather Service said damaged over a dozen homes, spin through the trailer park, eventually standing stationary for a few brief moments next to the two.

“Oh my gosh, dude. It’s just sitting there!” one of the individuals says.

Another video posted late Monday night also appeared to capture a tornado rip through North Dakota.

Watch the Video:

(Content warning: video contains strong language)

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