One Veteran’s Endless Battles with the VA Just to Get a Specialist Brings Him to Tears on Camera

Skip Morrison sustained a back injury during the two years he served in the Army. Now the 55-year-old is classified as 100-percent disabled.

But that doesn’t begin to describe the obstacles that the Poulsbo, Washington veteran faces.

Morrison said he battles for months and months to get referrals from the local VA for specialists — but at least he has his counter-full of pills he said the VA doctors prescribe him for his pain.

Image source: KIRO-TV
Image source: KIRO-TV

“You know it’s sad the way the way we’re treated,” he tearfully told KIRO-TV in Seattle. “We fight for our country and we gotta fight for everything we’re entitled to. It’s not right.”

A reporter from KIRO sat down with Morrison to discuss the problems he said he’s been having with the Puget Sound-area Veterans Affairs medical system. Check out the interview below: