The Life-Changing Advice Glenn Beck Received Over the Weekend — and How It Could Help You, Too

How many Americans are desperate to see the “good guys” win in the end, to see true compassion with no hope of anything in return? How many of us are feeling so beat down by the steady stream of bad news that we fill our limited free time with mindless entertainment, like television or video games?

Glenn Beck said Wednesday that most of his audience is likely in that position, and that he’s in a similar place. He shared a piece of profound advice he received over the weekend that he believes puts it all into perspective.

“[My friend] said, ‘Glenn, you are running on fumes, brother,'” Beck recalled. “And I said, ‘I know I am. I know I am. I’m trying to change my life a bit.'”

But Beck said his friend clarified the statement, saying Beck is running on “spiritual fumes.” As he sees it, Beck is putting “poison” into his mind almost every waking hour of the day, but only spends 30 to 60 minutes with his Bible. Beck said his friend, whom he left unnamed, was absolutely right.

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program May 28, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program May 28, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

“I’m reading things about hate. I am reading things to try to understand it,” Beck said. “I’m reading the news. … We’ve talked about it before. I feel, and I know you do too, like you are watching your kid being slowly strangled. Our country is being strangled to death. Our way of life is being strangled to death. Our faith is being strangled to death. And we’re watching it, a violent scene every day, and we talk about those things every single day.”

Beck said his friend told him he is “out of gas,” and that he can’t truly know love or focus on doing the right thing while he is putting so much more hate than love into his system.

“Basically, you are what you eat,” Beck summarized. “What is it we are eating every day? We are eating garbage. We are eating fast food fast news. We’re watching the Kardashians, or whatever it is … because you want that release. ‘I don’t want to think anymore.'”

Beck continued: “Why are we addicted to everything? Why are we addicted either to drugs, to alcohol, to the Internet, to our cellphone, to Facebook, to virtual reality … ? Because we just want to go numb for a while.”

Beck spoke Tuesday about the potentially catastrophic impact of video games on America’s youth, saying we are seeing the first generation in which many have grown up more comfortable inside “virtual reality” than actual reality.

While many may feel they are “escaping” the negativity of the real world by watching television or playing video games, Beck compared the brief period of happiness to the immediate gratification of eating junk food, noting that there will be ramifications down the road.

“We have to re-prioritize our lives,” Beck urged his audience. “We have to start feeding ourselves [what is] good.”

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