It’s a question that would probably have most California cab drivers turning a passenger down: “Do you know where North Dakota is at?

But longtime Sacramento cabbie Enaytayullah Hoseny needed money, he told KOVR-TV, so he considered his passenger’s question.

Koseny’s GPS told him North Dakota was a mere 22 hours away, so he quoted the price that came into his head — $1,200 — and a deal was struck.

The problem: once they got to North Dakota, the passenger couldn’t pay up.

Image source: screengrab via KOVR-TV

Enaytayullah Hoseny, the cab driver who was stiffed out of a fare after driving more than 22 hours. (Image source: screengrab via KOVR-TV)

The passenger,  25-year-old Matthew Blackhanson, actually one-upped Hoseny’s quote, giving the driver $240 at the start of the journey and promising another $1,500 upon arrival in Mandan, North Dakota.

He even wrote out a contract.

Image source: screengrab via KOVR-TV

Image source: screengrab via KOVR-TV

But when the cab pulled into Mandan, Blackhanson’s fiancee — who was both the impetus for the trip and the promised source of the extra cash — was empty-handed, Hoseny told KOVR-TV.

Image source: screengrab via KOVR-TV

Matthew Blackhanson. (Image source: screengrab via KOVR-TV)

Hoseny called the police, and Blackhanson was arrested — he was apparently wanted on an outstanding warrant — but Hoseny was still in a bind: he was a day’s drive from home, and out of money and gas.

The father of four wound up sleeping at a homeless shelter.

“I never slept in a shelter ever in my life, swear to God,” Hoseny said. “That was [a] nightmare, that was so freezing.”

Thankfully for Hoseny, he was given a free tank of gas the next day at the gas station where Blackhanson allegedly stiffed him, and he made it back to Sacramento a more world-wise man.

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