U.S. Marine Jailed in Mexico Tells Greta Van Susteren His Real Story: ‘Just Let Me Go Back to America’

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, the U.S. Marine who has been stuck in a Mexican prison for two months, told his real story to Greta Van Susteren in an exclusive interview Thursday. Despite allegations that his former attorney advised him to mislead Mexican authorities, Tahmooressi maintains he accidentally crossed the San Diego border into Mexico in his truck.

Andrew Tahmooressi has been held by Mexican authorities since March 31. (Photo via WSVN-TV)
Andrew Tahmooressi has been held by Mexican authorities since March 31. (Photo via WSVN-TV)

On March 31, he says he parked his truck in a parking lot and walked across the border to Tijuana at around noon. He claims he “walked around” and “looked at the shops.”

Tahmooressi then checked into a hotel and planned to stay the night, but he checked out early because it was “dirty and dark.” He says he decided to head back to the U.S. — and when got back into his truck, he took a wrong turn and ended up at a Mexican checkpoint.

Tahmooressi told Van Susteren that he informed the border patrol officers that he had three guns in his truck and he arrived at the checkpoint by accident. He was allegedly told that an escort vehicle would take him back to the U.S., but a military cop showed up instead.

“They were threatening to take my guns, take my truck and take all my possessions. And I told them, I said, ‘hey, take everything you want. Just let me go back to America.’ They put me under arrest and that was pretty much it,” he said.

Tahmooressi claims he dialed 911 because he felt as if he were unsafe. It didn’t help as he was eventually handcuffed and later taken to prison.

Tahmooressi appeared for a judge for the first time this week. He has not yet learned his fate and his next court date is unknown.

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