‘Bergdahl Has Converted to Islam and Now Describes Himself as a Mujahid’: Bombshell Docs Allegedly Describe Soldier’s Time in Captivity

U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl converted to Islam while held captive by the Taliban and declared himself a warrior for Islam, secret documents obtained by Fox News allegedly say.

The reports which were prepared based on purported eyewitness accounts, indicate that Bergdahl, released over the weekend after being held for five years by the Taliban, declared himself a “mujahid” toward the end of his captivity and even at times fraternized openly with his captors, Fox News reported.

According to the reports, Bergdahl’s status with his captors changed over time. After he once escaped his captors for five days, he was recaptured and placed in a metal cage, the documents reportedly say. At other times, he appeared to maintain a friendly relationship with them.

“Conditions for Bergdahl have greatly relaxed since the time of the escape,” an August 2012 document obtained by Fox News said. “Bergdahl has converted to Islam and now describes himself as a mujahid.”

“Bergdahl enjoys a modicum of freedom, and engages in target practice with the local mujahedeen, firing AK47s. Bergdahl is even allowed to carry a loaded gun on occasion,” it continued, adding that he “plays soccer with his guards” and “appears to be well and happy.”

The documents were assembled by the Eclipse Group, a private firm subcontracted by the Defense Department and comprised of former intelligence officials. The group is headed by Duane R. Clarridge, a former senior operations officer for the CIA that was indicted for lying to Congress in connection with the Iran-Contra scandal.

A senior Defense Department official had previously said that Bergdahl may have not only been a deserter, but an active collaborator with the enemy.

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