Justin Bieber Sent Out a Picture of Bible Scriptures — Here’s Why

Pop star Justin Bieber apologized over the weekend after an old video surfaced showing the then-15 year old using the N-word and telling a racist joke. And on Wednesday, on the heels of a second video coming to fruition, he posted an Instagram photo featuring an excerpt from a Christian book.

The Christian Post reported that the text in the picture comes from Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” book, a Christian devotional. It features two paragraphs about sin and three accompanying scriptures.

FILE – This May 11, 2014 file photo shows singer Justin Bieber, center, watching the Los Angeles Clippers play the Oklahoma City Thunder with his mother Pattie Mallette, second from left, in the first half of Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinal NBA basketball playoff series in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill, FIle )

“When your sins weigh heavily upon you, come to me. Confess your wrongdoing, which I know all about before you say a word,” the text reads. “Stay in the Light of My Presence, receiving forgiveness, cleansing, and healing.”

The verses that follow the devotional text are 1 John 1:7, Isaiah 61:10 and John 8:12; each focuses on Jesus Christ as the centerpiece of redemption in the Christian faith.

See the image below:

Image credit: Instagram via @JustinBeiber
Image via Instagram/@JustinBieber

Bieber, 20, didn’t write a message to accompany the picture, but he did post the image on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The Christian-themed photo comes after TMZ released a second video showing a 14-year-old Bieber using the N-word in a parody of one of his own songs.

According to the entertainment news site, Bieber’s team claims people have tried to use the videos over the years to try and extort money from the singer. They say Bieber simply wants to come clean and apologize for the offensive clips.

Watch the latest video below:

As TheBlaze previously reported, Bieber apologized over the weekend after the first video came to light, saying that, at the time, he didn’t realize how hurtful his words could be.