Drivers Killed in Head-on Collision Identified as Husband and Wife

A fatal head-on collision occurred Thursday morning in Texas, but it was who was driving each car that has investigators looking even further into the case.

The victims, who were each alone in their respective cars driving on a rural road in Wilbarger County before 10 a.m., were a husband and wife.

KFDX-TV reported that the victims, pronounced dead on the scene, were identified by Texas State Troopers as 31-year-old Nicolas Cruz and 26-year-old Kristina Munoz. The couple were reportedly newlyweds.

Department of Public Safety Trooper Tony Fulton told the news station the accident occurred on a “very narrow, blacktop county road.”

Stains remain on the road where the crash occurred. (Image source: K-TV)
Stains remain on the road where the crash occurred. (Image source: KFDX-TV)

“There are no shoulder markings and there are no center stripe markings,” he added, speculating these could be factors along with speed.

The trooper said there were no skid marks on the road that would indicate braking. Neither victim was wearing a seat belt.

The couple worked on a farm near the crash site.

Watch KFDX-TV’s report:

Investigators are determining if one of the drivers was too close to the center of the road and are also interviewing those who recently saw the couple for any other clues that might play into the accident.

Munos has three children.

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