Police Ransacked a Man’s Truck Looking for Drugs. They Didn’t Find Any, So They Left a Note.

Common courtesy dictates that if you damage a car in a parking lot, you leave a note.

Tampa police apparently practice a form of common courtesy.

A Florida business owner returned to his truck after attending a Juicy J concert to find it torn apart, WFLA-TV reported.

Image source: screengrab via WFLA-TV
Image source: screengrab via WFLA-TV

But the truck hadn’t been ransacked by thieves or vandals — Tampa police had searched the car for drugs, acting after a canine registered a hit on the truck.

The police didn’t find any marijuana, so they left a note behind.

Image source: screengrab via WFLA-TV
Image source: screengrab via WFLA-TV

The business owner, Matthew Heller, told WFLA-TV that he’s poured his life savings into the truck, which he uses as a promotional tool for his business, and that the truck suffered damage as a result of the police search.

Heller noted that his truck sits three feet off the ground, so he was unsure how a dog could get a hit on it — and since the truck was parked outside a venue where Juicy J was performing, it’s possible the scent of drugs was all around.

“It was all sealed up, a parked vehicle in a private parking lot for a hip hop concert in Ybor,” Heller said. “There were all kinds of smells, everywhere around here.”

Police told WFLA-TV that the search was unorthodox but legal, while an attorney speaking with the station questioning the search’s legality.

Either way, Heller seemed just as surprised as he was steamed by the incident.

“You think if anyone is going to break into your vehicle in Ybor,” Heller said, “the last person you think, it’s going to be the cops.”

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