Farmers Make ‘That’s Enough’ Parody of ‘Frozen’ Song in Response to New EPA Regulation

Farmers are hitting back against a rule proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency in what might be considered an unexpected way: with song.

In a parody song set to Disney’s “Let It Go” from the popular film “Frozen,” Kacey and Andy Clay, along with their three young children, decry the “Waters of the U.S.” rule that would allow the EPA to regulate water in small ponds and ditches, as well as rainwater flowing through some low spots, in a similar way to how it regulates larger bodies of water like rivers.

The rule, according to the Missouri Farm Bureau, poses “a serious threat to farming and ranching, home building, energy production and other land uses.”

In “That’s Enough,” Kacey Clay dons a long white dress and walks barefoot in a dry ditch singing:

The video produced by the Missouri Farm Bureau shows the Clay family in a parody called "That's Enough," set to a song from Disney's "Frozen." (Image source: YouTube)
The video produced by the Missouri Farm Bureau shows the Clay family in a parody called “That’s Enough,” set to a song from Disney’s “Frozen.” (Image source: YouTube)

This ditch is dry on my farm today, not a puddle anywhere.
There’s no water flowing, but the government doesn’t care.
Once more the EPA is knocking at our door.
With a brand new rule, they want to regulate us more.
They tried before, and we said no.
Why should they control what doesn’t flow?
Agriculture is safe, that’s what they say.
It’s what they always say.
That’s enough. That’s enough.
Can’t take away anymore.

Image source: YouTube
Image source: YouTube

Watch the whole of the parody with more lyrics set to the music of the Oscar-nominated song:

The video was produced by the Missouri Farm Bureau.

“With the help of our members we’ve rewritten the lyrics in a fun way to tell the story, but also in a serious tone to try and get people to think about what is actually being proposed at the federal level and how it may impact them,” Garett Hawkins told Brownfield Ag News last month when the video was posted on YouTube. “Truly the message is ‘that’s enough.’”

“[] you can see in the video her husband and kids perhaps exemplifying on their farm with a dry ditch what it may mean if the EPA is trying to regulate it and perhaps how absurd that is,” Hawkins continued. 

In addition to the video, those against the rule have also taken to social media with  #ditchtherule.

(H/T: Fox News Insider)